Vetfield Animal Hospital Sunrise Florida

See all these cute dogs?

Well, precious creatures like these are held hostage when you go to pick them up at the Vetfield Animal Hospital in Sunrise, Florida, by Mustafa Saleh and his staff, until you pay their outrageous invoices that often include double- and triple-billing.

You rush there to see your best friend after he's had surgery, and they know you're desperate to hold your dog or cat, so they don't bring out the pets right away. They stick a bogus bill in your face and say, "You can have your pet as soon as you pay."

These cocksuckers are dirty, greedy, thieving bastards!! Do not go to Vetfield Animal Hospital in Sunrise, Florida!!

Vetfield Animal Hospital Sunrise FL / Dr Mustafa Saleh / Practice Manager Russell A. Knutson Vetfield is located at 4261 N Pine Island Road in Sunrise FL 33351 Vetfiled Animal Hospital is owned by Mustafa Abdelaziz Saleh who has been formally investigated by the State Of Florida three times Vetfield Animal Hospital provides spay and neutering services for dogs and cats in Sunrise FL by Mustafa Saleh DVM
Vetfield Animal Hospital has a mobile clinic that will come to your home if you have an emergency with your puppy or kitten Vetfield Animal Hospital had a temporary injunction issued to enjoin publication of this Vetfield website lifted on July 18 2019 in Broward County Florida USA Vetfield Animal Hospital is owned and operated by Mustafa Saleh and the attorney for Vetfield Animal Hospital is Omar Saleh who sued for Intentional Infliction Of Emotional Distress on behalf of Veterinary and Human Partners a Florida corporation Vetfield Animal Hospital alleged that this website contained defamatory comments but they did not remember to comply with conditions precedent presuit notice so they lost that one Oops so now the website is back online